On Stewardship

From a sermon on Sunday, November 6 on John 15:

Stewardship is about God’s love working within every aspect of our lives. As God’s love infuses our lives, we can’t help but share all we have in Christ’s name. As we are enveloped in God’s saving love, we find ourselves wanting to pray for our neighbors, families, and enemies. We find that we want to give our time, our talents and skills, and our money to support the sharing of God’s love with the world. We find that we want to share our witness, telling the whole world how God in Christ changed us. This is stewardship—sharing our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. When Jesus says lay down your life for each other [cf. John 15:9ff], he is saying share all you have to love. Stewardship is about seeing Christ in each other and giving all you possess in order to love. We look to Christ who gave his life to love and to the saints whose lives are examples of sacrificial love.