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Local Churches Provide Space for People on the Run

Check out this news article from the The United Methodist Church in Austria about our churches providing space for refugees – “Local Churches Provide Space for People on the Run” (in German)

Living into a new reality

Check out this story about our work in Austria with refugees – United Methodists in Europe practice Christian hospitality in the wake of the migration crisis

Video: Brief Update About My Ministry in Vienna, November 2015

Kein Mensch ist illegal

Today 150,000 people gathered in central Vienna for the ‘Voices of Refugees’ concert to raise awareness and monies for refugees and refugee projects in Austria and across the European continent. I saw a girl holding a sign that said “Kein Mensch ist illegal” (No one is illegal). A powerful statement to remember in these challenging times.

Taking a Breath

Excerpt from an email to the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna Thank you for your perseverance and commitment to the ESUMC/Fünfhaus congregations’ emergency refugee shelter. We have hosted nearly 200 refugees in the church since we started the project last week. I have been moved by your generosity and hospitality. Now it is time […]
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Another Day

Excerpt from a congregational email to the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna Last night we hosted 26 refugees in the Sechshauser Street Church. As people are free to go, several refugees left the church today, seeking to continue their journeys in spite of the closed German border. Some refugees who departed the church later […]
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When Night Turns to Day

Excerpt from a congregational email to the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna As I shared yesterday in worship, the refugee situation in Vienna is continually changing. Germany has closed its borders which has slowed the flow of refugees transiting through Vienna. This means that many people who are currently in Vienna are unable to […]
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Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis

From my pastor’s column in the ESUMC newsletter Every morning when I read the newspaper, I see another (or several) articles about the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. Last week’s news of 71 refugees who suffocated to death in a refrigerator truck along an Austrian highway was shocking. We hear about the atrocities in other […]
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I’m back!

I’m back in the blogosphere! It has been two years since I’ve written a post. So much has happened in that period. Two weeks ago I moved from Moscow to Vienna, Austria. I hope in these next months and years to share my experience in Vienna and my musings on the Bible, theology, and current […]
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