When Night Turns to Day

Excerpt from a congregational email to the English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Vienna

Hospitality food items for refugees

Hospitality food items for refugees

As I shared yesterday in worship, the refugee situation in Vienna is continually changing. Germany has closed its borders which has slowed the flow of refugees transiting through Vienna. This means that many people who are currently in Vienna are unable to continue on their journeys.

Last night we hosted 47 refugees including 10 children at the Sechshauser Street Church. Volunteers from ESUMC and the Fuenfhaus congregation staffed the church to welcome people, offer hospitality, and maintain order. As we learned of the border closing, we realized that our temporary night shelter would soon turn into a day shelter. Through the day we have continued to host refugees in the church. A doctor came to attend to people. Meals have been served. More volunteers are helping. The challenge is that we do not know what will happen next. Some refugees have departed from the church, hoping to continue their journey. Some have stayed at the church, wondering what will happen next.

Continue to pray for the situation.